Papa John's Pizza Menu and Prices

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Cheese (Original)$8.00 Small
Cheese (Original)$10.00 Medium
Cheese (Original)$12.00 Large
Cheese (Original)$14.00 Extra Large
Cheese (Thin)$12.00 Large
John's Favorite (Original)$13.00 Small
John's Favorite (Original)$15.00 Medium
John's Favorite (Original)$17.00 Large
John's Favorite (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
John's Favorite (Thin)$17.00 Large
Pepperoni (Original)$9.00 Small
Pepperoni (Original)$11.25 Medium
Pepperoni (Original)$13.50 Large
Pepperoni (Original)$15.75 Extra Large
Pepperoni (Thin)$13.50 Large
Sausage (Original)$9.00 Small
Sausage (Original)$11.25 Medium
Sausage (Original)$13.50 Large
Sausage (Original)$15.75 Extra Large
Sausage (Thin)$13.50 Large
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original)$10.00 Small
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original)$12.50 Medium
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original)$15.00 Large
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original)$17.50 Extra Large
Sausage and Pepperoni (Thin)$15.00 Large
Chicken Margherita (Original)$13.00 Small
Chicken Margherita (Original)$15.00 Medium
Chicken Margherita (Original)$17.00 Large
Chicken Margherita (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Chicken Margherita (Thin)$17.00 Large
The Works (Original)$13.00 Small
The Works (Original)$15.00 Medium
The Works (Original)$17.00 Large
The Works (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
The Works (Thin)$17.00 Large
The Meats (Original)$13.00 Small
The Meats (Original)$15.00 Medium
The Meats (Original)$17.00 Large
The Meats (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
The Meats (Thin)$17.00 Large
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$13.00 Small
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$15.00 Medium
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$17.00 Large
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Buffalo Chicken (Thin)$17.00 Large
Garden Fresh (Original)$13.00 Small
Garden Fresh (Original)$15.00 Medium
Garden Fresh (Original)$17.00 Large
Garden Fresh (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Garden Fresh (Thin)$17.00 Large
Spicy Italian (Original)$13.00 Small
Spicy Italian (Original)$15.00 Medium
Spicy Italian (Original)$17.00 Large
Spicy Italian (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Spicy Italian (Thin)$17.00 Large
Spinach Alfredo (Original)$13.00 Small
Spinach Alfredo (Original)$15.00 Medium
Spinach Alfredo (Original)$17.00 Large
Spinach Alfredo (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Spinach Alfredo (Thin)$17.00 Large
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original)$13.00 Small
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original)$15.00 Medium
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original)$17.00 Large
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Thin)$17.00 Large
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original)$13.00 Small
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original)$15.00 Medium
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original)$17.00 Large
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Thin)$17.00 Large
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original)$13.00 Small
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original)$15.00 Medium
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original)$17.00 Large
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Tuscan Six Cheese (Thin)$17.00 Large
Mediterranean Veggie (Original)$13.00 Small
Mediterranean Veggie (Original)$15.00 Medium
Mediterranean Veggie (Original)$17.00 Large
Mediterranean Veggie (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Mediterranean Veggie (Thin)$17.00 Large
Chicken and Veggie (Original)$13.00 Small
Chicken and Veggie (Original)$15.00 Medium
Chicken and Veggie (Original)$17.00 Large
Chicken and Veggie (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Chicken and Veggie (Thin)$17.00 Large
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon (Original)$13.00 Small
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon (Original)$15.00 Medium
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon (Original)$17.00 Large
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon (Thin)$17.00 Large
Tropical Luau (Original)$13.00 Small
Tropical Luau (Original)$15.00 Medium
Tropical Luau (Original)$17.00 Large
Tropical Luau (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Tropical Luau (Thin)$17.00 Large
Hawaiian Chicken (Original)$13.00 Small
Hawaiian Chicken (Original)$15.00 Medium
Hawaiian Chicken (Original)$17.00 Large
Hawaiian Chicken (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Hawaiian Chicken (Thin)$17.00 Large
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original)$13.00 Small
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original)$15.00 Medium
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original)$17.00 Large
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Thin)$17.00 Large
Grilled Chicken Club (Original)$13.00 Small
Grilled Chicken Club (Original)$15.00 Medium
Grilled Chicken Club (Original)$17.00 Large
Grilled Chicken Club (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Grilled Chicken Club (Thin)$17.00 Large
Chicken Cordon BL (Original)$13.00 Small
Chicken Cordon BL (Original)$15.00 Medium
Chicken Cordon BL (Original)$17.00 Large
Chicken Cordon BL (Original)$19.00 Extra Large
Chicken Cordon BL (Thin)$17.00 Large


Garlic Knots$5.00 8 Pc.
Parmesan Breadsticks$6.25
Bruschetta Cstixs$6.00 10 in.
Bruschetta Cstixs$7.00 12 in.
6 Cheese Breadsticks$6.50 10 in.
6 Cheese Breadsticks$7.50 12 in.
Cheesesticks$5.99 10 in.
Cheesesticks$6.99 12 in.
Bacon Cheesesticks$7.00 10 in.
Bacon Cheesesticks$8.00 12 in.
Papa's Chicken Poppers$5.00 10 Pc.
Papa's Chicken Poppers$7.00 15 Pc.
Papa's Chicken Poppers$12.50 30 Pc.
Papa's Chicken Poppers$18.50 45 Pc.
Papa's Chicken Poppers$22.00 60 Pc.
Spicy Buffalo Wings$6.99 8 Pc.
Spicy Buffalo Wings$13.98 16 Pc.
Spicy Buffalo Wings$19.97 24 Pc.
Spicy Buffalo Wings$24.96 32 Pc.
Spicy Buffalo Wings$37.49 50 Pc.
BBQ Wings$6.99 8 Pc.
BBQ Wings$13.98 16 Pc.
BBQ Wings$19.97 24 Pc.
BBQ Wings$24.96 32 Pc.
BBQ Wings$37.49 50 Pc.
Honey Chipotle Wings$6.99 8 Pc.
Honey Chipotle Wings$13.98 16 Pc.
Honey Chipotle Wings$19.97 24 Pc.
Honey Chipotle Wings$24.96 32 Pc.
Honey Chipotle Wings$37.49 50 Pc.
Unsauced Wings$6.99 8 Pc.
Unsauced Wings$13.98 16 Pc.
Unsauced Wings$19.97 24 Pc.
Unsauced Wings$24.96 32 Pc.
Unsauced Wings$37.49 50 Pc.


Pepsi$1.59 20 oz.
Pepsi$2.69 2 Liter
Diet Pepsi$1.59 20 oz.
Diet Pepsi$2.69 2 Liter
Mountain Dew$1.59 20 oz.
Mountain Dew$2.69 2 Liter
Diet Mountain Dew$1.59 20 oz.
Diet Mountain Dew$2.69 2 Liter
Orange Crush$1.59 20 oz.
Orange Crush$2.69 2 Liter
Sierra Mist$1.59 20 oz.
Sierra Mist$2.69 2 Liter
Aquafina$1.59 20 oz.


Cinnamon Knots$5.00
Double ChocChip Brownie$6.00
Cinnapie X Icing$5.25
Family Chocolate Chip Cookie$6.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Icing$6.75


Special Garlic$0.75
Blue Cheese$0.75
Honey Mustard$0.75


Jalapeno Peppers$0.75
Parmesan CheeseFree
Crushed Red PepperFree
Special Seasonings$0.50
Banana Peppers$0.75